JoySunday crossstitch Purple Air comes from east DMC14CT11CT cotton fabric bedroom livingroom shop home hotel painting wholesale


1. (14CT) please use 2 strands threads for full stitch, 1 strands thread for back stitch.
2. (11CT) please use 3 strands threads for full stitch, 2 strands threads for back stitch.
3. The pattern has been printed on the cloth (11CT 14CT printed) , so before finishing stitching, the cloth
cannot touch water , otherwise the printed part will be gone.
4. After finishing stitching, put the cloth in water for half an hour, make it dry, and then you can make
a frame for it.
5. All products sold are no outside frame.
6. Color block in the blue print is not the real color of cross stitch, please refer to thread No .
7. Picture is only for reference, please in kind prevails .
Brand: Joy Sunday
Item No.: XH041-1
Name: The Purple Air comes from the east(1)
Retail or whole sale is available, even OEM or ODM is ok upon certain requirement
Specification: 14CT
Specification: 11CT
Fabric: unprinted or printed
Color quantity: 15
Package content
Superb Embroider cloth x1.
Enough Embroider threads x1 set

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