1 PCS) Intelligent Digital Wired VIbration sensor Wired Shock detector ATM Security alarm System Cash box burglar


Preliminary Considerations The Roiscok’s RV971 digital vibration detector use the international advanced photoelectric sensor elements with CPU processing technology to ensure the rigorous monitoring for the protective coverage. adjustable detective sensitivity in order to balance point correctly.it is applicable to automatic teller machine(ATM) and wall and glass and strongbox etc,and prevent any action of knock and destruction Installation open the cover Retain the cover and loosen the screw, remove the main front cover carefully and avoid dropping the crew Punch out knockout at the bottom or the side of the detector and remove knockout for cable entry Attach base to a correct position. And feed the cable into the detector Specifications Operating voltage: 9-16Vdc Current: 11mA at 12V Alarm contacts: 0.1amps.24 Volts.NC Tamper contacts: 0.1amps. 24Volts.NC Alarm time: 2.2s min Warm time: less than 2 minutes Operating temperature: -20 to 50 degree Storage temperature: -20 to 60 degree Mounting fashion: surface Size: 85*26*25mm Terminal connections Wire the cable to the terminal block at the bottom of the detector: 12VDC: Power supply inputs Alarm: NC dry contacts Tamper: NC dry contacts

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