150X150mm,180W ,230V, Flexible Silicon Rubber Heater Blood analyzer, test tube heater, medical care, slimming slimming belt mat


Basic specification: demension:150*150mm voltage:230V Power:180W Special order according to your requirement is possible, please let us know your requirement in detail. We will manufacture for you and we will provide you the best price. Technical parameter: Temperature range: -40~250°C Power error: ±8% Power density: 0.1-1.5w/cm2 Mechanical pressure: 100.0kg/cm2 Insulation resistance: ≥50 MΩ Electrical strength: 1500v/5s Application: 1. Heat transfer machine heating plate 2. roasted cup (plate) machine heating film 3. Oil drum heater 4. Heat sealing machine heating film 5. Medical equipment heating insulation 6. Chemical pipeline heating 7. Large equipment heating 8. Semiconductor processing equipment 9. Various mechanical instrumentation heating insulation 10. Medical equipment, such as blood analyzers, respiratory therapies and hydrotherapy 11. Antifreeze for military installations, aircraft instrumentation and hydraulic equipment 12. Battery heating 13. Catering services 14. Factory engagement and local assembly? Any application requiring a soft shape or design 15. Analytical instruments 16. Aerospace 17. Antifreeze equipment * petrochemical industry: gas transmission pipelines, pipelines, valves and other equipment with heat or maintain constant temperature * chemical industry: transmission pipelines, processing containers, reactors, hot melt equipment, electric heating or maintain constant temperature * beer industry: power plant boiler equipment heavy oil pipeline to maintain constant temperature * food industry: food pipeline technology requirements to maintain temperature, mechanical equipment, such as winter frost protection * Automobile industry: Dispensing robot, auto body and windshield compound Automatic glue-making equipment Electric heating or keeping constant temperature * mechanical engineering: transport containers, vacuum chamber, hydraulic or pneumatic pumps, metering and transportation equipment with heat or maintain constant temperature * Experimental research: sample gas analysis of the pipeline, industrial exhaust gas analysis of the pipeline heat or keep thermostat * nuclear power plant: chimney exhaust gas analysis (exhaust sample sampling pipe with electric heat or keep constant) * environmental protection projects: water treatment, cleaning system (underground pipeline with heat or to maintain constant temperature) * offshore platform: oil pipelines, valves and other equipment with heat or to maintain constant temperature * Other: paint equipment, wax equipment, heating or keeping thermostat how to order Below is the description of the Item you are buying with this link: This is a universal silicone heater pad. With 3M adhesive backing for easy mounting, it can be versatile and applied to where appropriate. This pad is rated with strong power for fast heating. It gets very hot in seconds.

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