2017 Brand Men High Stretch Tight Pants Man Long pants Low Waist Sexy Men Legging Pant Man new Pants Sexy Designed Sweatpants


Size(cm) Waist Pants-L Height Weight(kg) M 62 87 165-175 50-70 L 87 90 175-185 70-90 XL 19 93 185 90-110
Product features:
Surface material:
1. high elasticity, showing strong body, providing close comfort, improving muscle efficiency, reducing muscle tremors and shaking
2., sweat absorption, perspiration, quick drying a series of functions. First of all, you will sweat into the fabric, and then slowly evaporate in the movement
Out. With quick-drying properties of polyester fabrics, clothes dry quickly. This series of functions to solve you by sweat during exercise
These are the features that cotton fabrics don\'t have, and perspiration, fast drying fabrics are the trend of fitness clothing!
Clothes on the line is specially designed according to the requirements of movement.

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