Advanced Electronic Pregnant Women Examination Manikin BIX-FW2 WBW229


Product Description
BIX-FW2 Advanced electronic Pregnant Women Examination manikin
Babies born healthily , with strict and meticulous inspection inseparable prenatal, prenatal examinations for the baby has a very important future.Our company is based on pregnant women in antenatal care must master all kinds of standards designed to check the steps of the model.Model of pregnant women according to the standard design and manufacture of body size, the import of plastic materials made of thermoplastic elastomer, the look and feel with the human body similar to the intern to a realistic and true environment of clinical experience. Auscultation of fetal heart sounds Ruipian line by computer control. Are various types of medical, public health schools, nursing schools, hospitals and other clinical practice staff training in obstetrics and gynecology ideal teaching aids.
Main functions
1). The model can be four paragraphs palpation, fetal heart sound auscultation, pelvic external measurement and nursing practice and guidance.

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