Direct Heat Stencil Game consoles 19 pcs with solder balls, flux, scraper, brush, tweezer BGA reballing kit


Direct Heat Stencil Game consoles 19 pcs + solder balls, flux, scraper, brush, tweezer BGA reballing kit Game Console Chips Repair BGA Kit 19 Pcs PS3/XBOX360/WII Stencil+ 3 Solder Ball 19 pcs Directly Heated BGA Stencil Kit For XBOX/PS3/WII GPU CPU Description: The latest popular 19pcs directly heated BGA stencil kit is specially designed for the XBOX/PS3/WII GPU CPU reworking. It is easy to use for the playstation maintenance engineer. In addition, this kit includes 3 bottle 25K solder balls, 1 bottle 10ML Amtech Flux paste and some other common tools on BGA reballing. All of them in this BGA kit are not home made, but made by Professional Manufacturer. Please purchase it with confidence. Important Note: All of these stencils in the kit can be directly heated with hot air gun. However, To avoid damaging the stencil, please adjust the suitable temperature(Less than 280 degree) for stencil when using the hot air gun to directly heat it. What\'s more, these stencils don\'t require the 80mm or 90mm reballing station to work together, which can work alone, so they will bring more convenience to you. A. 19 pcs Reballing Rework BGA Stencils Kit Includes: (i) used with 0.5mm solder ball (1 pcs) WII CPU (New) (ii) used with 0.6mm solder ball (17 pcs) CXD29808GB CXD2973GB CXD9833GB CXD2949CGB CXD2976GB CXD2964GB PS3 GPU PS3 CPU (New) PS3 CPU (Old) PS3 CXR714120 WII GPU (Old) WII CPU (Old) WII GPU (New) XBOX360 GPU XBOX360 CPU XBOX360 CSP XBOX360 HANA (iii) used with 0.76mm solder ball (1 pcs) CXD9799GB B. 3 Bottles of 25K leaded solder balls 1 bottle of 0.5mm leaded solder ball 1 bottle of 0.6mm leaded solder ball 1 bottle of 0.76mm leaded solder ball C. 10cc Amtech Flux paste D. Vacuum sucking pen (IC picker) E. Soldering Scraper F. Antistatic Brush G. Antistatic Tweezer Tips: We can supply Multiple BGA Reworking/Soldering Materials, such as reworking station, stencils, solder balls, solder paste and so on, if you need any of them or others, please feel free to contact us. Contents (total 27 items): 1 x 19pcs Directly Heated BGA Stencils kit 1 x 25k 0.5mm size Solder Balls 1 x 25k 0.6mm size Solder Balls. 1 x 25k 0.76mm size Solder Balls. 1 x 10cc Amtech Flux Paste 1 x Vacuum Sucking Pen (IC Picker) 1 x Soldering Scraper 1 x Antistatic Brush 1 x Antistatic Tweezer

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