New Merlin MR60 MR600 C945 Compatible Garage Door Remote Control Replacement x5


New Merlin MR60 MR600 C945 Compatible Garage Door Remote Control Replacement Compatibility The Merlin+ remote control transmitters suit all Security+ Merlin motors. Roller Door Motors Merlin MR600 Roller Door Motor Merlin MR650 Roller Door Motor Merlin MR800 Roller Door Motor Merlin MR850 Roller Door Motor Merlin MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors Sectional & Panel Openers Merlin MT600 Panel Door Motor Merlin MT800 Panel Door Motor Merlin MT1000 Panel Door Opener Merlin MT3850 Panel Door Motor Merlin MT5580 Sectional Door Opener Motorlift ML700 Sectional Door Opener Motorlift ML750 Sectional Door Opener Motorlift ML850 Sectional Door Opener And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motor Gate Openers Merlin MGS300 Gate Operator Merlin MGA300 Gate Operator Merlin MGS400 Gate Operator Merlin MGS500 Gate Operator Merlin MGS1000 Gate Operator Motorlift HC100ML Gate Operator Motorlift HC300ML Gate Operator Motorlift HC400ML Gate Operator Motorlift HC500ML Gate Operator Motorlift HC600ML Gate Operator And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors How to use our remote control Features: Four buttons LED Indicator Compact pocket sized Dimensions: 7x 2.5 x 1cm(L x W x H) Packing: New remote control(battery included) English manual Clone Lists: APRIMATIC TR2/TR4, TM4 ATA PTX4 BLUE/PTX 4 PINK BENINCÀ TO.GO, T2WV/TO.GO4WV,TO.GO 2 WK/TO.GO 4 WK,TO.GO2QV/TO.GO4 QV, IO, CUPIDO, LOT2WCV, LOT1W, LOT2W, LOT4W, LOT1WM, LOT2WM,T2W,T4W,T2 ,ROLLKEY - CUPIDO 2 - CUPIDO 4 - IO &CO -APPLE 4WV VW/TO.GO4VW,APPLE, BFT MITTO, MITTO B, GHIBLI, KLEIO, TRC, TE01,TE02, TE04 MITTO 2M/MITTO4M, MITTO 2A/MITTO 4A, MITTO RCB02/RCB04,TRC2/ TRC4, RB4 MURALE CAME T431, T434, TOP432A, TOP434A, TOP432, TAM432SA, TOP432NA,TOP432 EE/TOP 434 EE,TOP 862 EV CARDIN S435,S449, S486, S476TX2, S476TX4,TRQ449100/TRQ449200/TRQ449300/TRQ449400,TXQ449200/TXQ449300/TXQ449400, S486:TRQ486200/TRQ486400, TXQ486200/TXQ486400 S435,S449, S486, S476TX2, LIFTMASTER 94335E,4333E,4335E,94334E,4333EML,4335EML,84334EML,4335EML DEA TR MIO,TR2 MIO/TR4 MIO,TS2 MIO 868/TS4 MIO 868,133 1, 433 2, 433 4, DITEC GOL4, GOL4C, BIX LS2, BIXLP2,BIXLP2 RED,BIXLG4, BIX AG4 DOORHAN TRASMITTER 4 FAAC XT2/XT4 433 SLH LR,XT2/XT4 868SLH LR,XT4 433 RC,TM1 433 DS, TM2 433 DS, TM3 433 DS, 433L2, 433L4, TM22 433 SLP, TM4 433 SLP,TE4433H, XT 433SLH, XT 868SLH, T 433 SLH, T 868,SLH, TML 433SLH, TML 868 SLH, DL 868 SLH HORMANN HSM2, HSM4 LIFE STAR2/STAR4, MHOUSE TX4, TX3, GTX4 MARATEC D101, D12, DIGITAL302, DIGITAL304 MERLIN M842 (GREEN REMOTE),M832 (GREEN REMOTE), M844 (GREEN REMOTE), C945,C940, C943 MERLIN 2.0 E945M, E943M, E940M, E940M MHOUSE TX4 - TX3 - GTX4 - GTX4C NICE SMILO, SMILO2/SMILO4, FLOR-S, VERY-VR, ONE, INTI, FLO1, FLO1RE, FLO2RE, FLO4RE, FLO1R-S, FLO2R-S, FLO2, FLO4, FLO4R-S, VERY VR, ONE ERA: ON1E/ONE2E/ONE4E/ONE9E SOMFY TELIS,KEYTIS2 NS/KEYTIS4 NS,KEYGO 4RTS,SOMFY 433-NLT4 BEIGE,SOMFY433-NLT2 RTR,SOMFY TX2 433MHZ, SOMMER 4014 (434), 4013 (434),4025-TX02-868.4011, 4026 (868), 4020 (868), 4022 TXO2 (434),4022 TX03-434-2,4010,4050

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