SMD 2.5-5.5 to 5V 1A Step-up Boost Converter Power Supply Module


This is a mini DC-DC step-up power module and it output fixed 5V. Using a low temperature drift 0.1% accuracy of the precision resistor, even if the board temperature rise a lot, resistance of the resistor changes less, so it does not affect the output voltage.
The greater the input voltage, the greater the ability to output current.
Can be directly soldered on the surface of experiment PCB board, easy to solder for everyone.
It is especially for Arduino, smart car, phone charger, portable charger and other items.
- Module type: Non-isolated step-up module (boost);
- Pins package: Both SMD and 2.54mm pin headers are available;
- Input voltage: 2.5V-5VDC
- Output voltage: 5VDC ± 2%
- No-load current: less than 500uA
- Output current: 1.5A(MAX) @input voltage is 4.2V
- Continuous Current: 1A(MAX) @input voltage is 3.7V
- Conversion efficiency: 88%(MAX)
- Switching frequency: 1.2MHz Typical
- Input and output ports: green screw terminal (3.5mm pitch)
- Onboard power switch, you can turn off output power.

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