Thick silver jewelry set of new fashion color treasure set of beautiful foreign trade jewelry wholesale red gem


purity:6 yards (US), 7 yards (US), No. 8 (US), 9 yards (US)
For the first time wholesale 100 yuan from the batch or from the batch (can be different styles of each piece of 1) ()
Second times replenishment, unlimited amount of unlimited quantity.
If you are not satisfied with the wholesale price of 50 yuan to pay the cost of the sample, the sample fee of $50 can be transferred to the next payment use Thank you
Product introduction
Product color: (physical shooting, if there is color, please take the actual product)
Product size: Pendant: 16*28 ring: 16*18 Earrings: 16*37 Bracelet: long 21CM
Weight: Pendant: 4.20g ring: 5.80g Earring: 7.82g Bracelet: 21.37g
Necklace with chain
Product material: quote products for the environmental protection of copper, the surface of the silver plating, high quality, not easy to change color
product Packing: Opp bag
We have all kinds of products goods Support mixed batch; Welcome to order
About Delivery
Support mixed batch, 4 days before the receipt of payment on the day of delivery, more logistics options available, you can contact the need to explain the benefits of EMS!

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