40DA TSR-40DA-H Three-phase High voltage type SSR input 4-32V DC load 90-480V AC single phase AC solid state relay


With a switch no spark, no noise,high switching speed,anti-corrosion,moisture-proof,anti-vibration,long life.high reliability,electromagnetic compatibility and other characteristics.It can be widely used in aerospace,marine,household appliances,machine tools,telecommunications,automobile,mining,etc.automation and control area.
Three-phase Solide state relay
Input: 4~32VDC
Load: 90~480VAC Three-phase SSR Spe. TSR-40DA-H size 105.0L*74.0W*33.0H Output voltage 90-480VAC Output current 40A Input voltage 4-32VDC Input current DC10-68mA ON Voltage 1.5V OFF Leakage Current 2mA ON-OFF Time 10mS Dielectric Strength 2500VAC Insulation Resistance 1000M/500VDC Ambient Temperature _-30- +75 Mounting Methods Bolt fixing The Work Instructions LED Weight 450g

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