LinenAll original women's spring suet white ramie&cotton high stand-collar horns buckle neutral handsome simple outline trench


A Ga handsome windbreaker coat, put it down, please be sure to wear matching, strong effect from the recommendations with. Fabric cotton and ramie blend, and other fabric ingredients is different, this piece of ramie slightly higher composition, slightly less cotton composition. As a result, the fabric has a sense of floating, do not fall, after washing the fabric has a very slight wrinkle. Cloth has a very fine hairiness, not rough, But nostalgia. Warm white sheepskin color, clear and clean. This trench coat, many details are very neutral, and even very male, but the sense of outline is the atmosphere of the simple, very clean and neat state, at one go. Do not Too much like too Chinese style, but like the nuances of neutral, so this combination, some fashion, some retro, the key is that women Wear very handsome. Collar with a tall wide collar, slightly larger sense of expansion, chest decorated with a pen pocket, increasing the style of the tough guy. Button with a large horns buckle, a closer look, the first button details of the buttonhole, and does not lock the eyes, but also with a big gap between the collar and the body As a buttonhole, fun with the details :) Single button, with two different horns buckle, each one is different, dark brown, with a sense of clarity, the bottom deduction With a warm white horns buckle. The last two used a different three-point horns buckle. Sleeve Siameisu undivided, after the split, cuffs outside the button at the jacket, on both sides of a large pocket. With calf pants to wear, there will be a special unexpected beauty , A woman will be wearing a neutral package lean skin tone, pants and must be equipped with leg pants, neat and handsome. If equipped with straight jeans, the taste seems to be all at once It changed. So, with, in the dress, really important. This dress, it will be baggy shoulder on the shoulder, as if he is a paper people, the more the more strength and style, do not dislike her big, she does not fit. You may as well Roll up your sleeves to see their handsome look :) Two-color, white and green army. Description: occasional yellow linen cloth shell, mind carefully shot.

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