Offset plate exposure machine pcb uv exposure machine


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Buyer notes:
For all countries which machine cost is the same. Only different country have different carrier cost. Is better to confirm that with us before do the payment.
And our amount have not include the tax. If have not your any requested we will declare the actually value as your paid in invoice. Please contact us if you need us to declare low value.
offset plate exposure machine apply:
Screen frame vacuum exposure machine is the new type according to customers\' need.It has the excellent structure and controlled by mircocomputer,data display,install numbers by button,parameter store,intelligentialize design, operate easily.It has 8x 15W UV lamps,imported vacuum rubber.This machine could widely use for screen frame,scutcheon and steel plate.
Clearly number reveals setting will control the exposure time accurately.
offset plate exposure machine p arameter:
1 Voltage: 110V 50HZ
2 Power: 160W
3 Vacuity: less -0.025
4 Rubber chamber size: 500x 400mm

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