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product: Product name 3d mural wallpaper 3d mural paintings 3d wallpaper 3d wall paper 3d wallpaper walls
1 Products Eff ect
2 Product Measurement size
3 Buyers must-read
Note: Please be careful to order 1m 2 , Because a very small size,
1 square meter size is 125cm(W) X 80cm(H) (4\'1" X 2\'7")feet
Wide x High = Square meters
How to place order: For example: you need to the wall
Wide=2.8m High=1.7m 2.8m x 1.7m = 4.76 m2 rounding. You need to order Quantity:5
Wide =3.2m High =2.3m 3.2m x 2.3m = 7.36 m2 rounding. You need to order Quantity:7
Wide =4m High =2m 4m x 2m = 8 m2 rounding. You need to order Quantity:8
(1feet=0.3048m ,1inch=0.02539m)
(Wide and High ). Please tell us.
We will customize for your size .
FAQ: What this wallpaper?
This is the photo wallpaper. Mural wallpaper. wall mural.
Not wallpaper rolls. Not a poster. Not wall stickers.
FAQ: How do I know the size of the photo wallpaper?
This is a custom wallpaper, Not 10m L and 0.53m ,not wallpaper rolls

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